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Satellite photo of D'Urbanvale

Satellite photo of D'Urbanvale courtesy of Google Earth. (Click to enlarge)

A big welcome to all visitors and current members.

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 Latest Developments in D'Urbanvale

Eskom Project - D'Urbanvale Affected - Invitation to attend a Public Open Day
3 March 2014
Eskom are proposing work on their current infrastructure. As we are aware the pylons are situated in our wetlands. There could be impacts. As most of you are also aware the Uitkamp wetlands contain red data species.

New D'Urbanvale Neighbourhood Watch Headquarters - PLEASE DONATE
27 February 2014
As per the mail below from the DSW some very good news. Cllr. Therese Uys has organized that the D’Urbanvale Security Watch can utilize one of the premises of the old Scout building as HQ. I have submitted some photos of work in progress. PLEASE contact Francois at

D'Urbanvale Entrances - Council Requests Meeting - PLEASE ATTEND
30 May 2013
The planning office in Kraaifontein has requested that the D’Urbanvale Residents Forum send out an invitation to residents to attend a meeting on the 11th June 2013 at Chesterhouse starting at 19h00.
The meeting is with regards to the entrances of D’Urbanvale both form Koeberg and Vissershok side. It appears that the pillars infringe onto council land. The issue is maintenance but ESPECIALLY THE RISK FACTOR.
What does this mean?

5 May 2013
The next phase of the proposed Uitkamp development process begins. The DCF will be taking the Environmental Authorization by province to the High Court. The “flyer” document attached fully explains everything and will be printed and placed in all post boxes in D’Urbanvale very shortly.

5 May 2013
As per the application which was sent to you last week regarding the proposed Uitkamp development there will be a meeting held on Tuesday the 7th May 2013 in the Durbanville library starting at 19h00 by the developer.

Uitkamp Appeal For Judicial Review - DCF Requests Assistance
13 March 2013
The Durbanville Community Forum (DCF) and other parties appealed against the Environmental Authorization for Uitkamp. (Portion 18 and 19 Uitkamp No. 189) The DCF went through the Appeal process but was informed on the 28th February 2013 that our appeal was largely dismissed although we were partly successful in that Portion 19 was removed from the zoning approval. However that is little comfort to the current approval as all the development is on Portion 18.

Durbanville Against Crime - Have You Signed The Online Petition? - PUBLIC MEETING FOR 1ST AUGUST 2012 IS GREEN FOR GO!
1 July 2012
The Durbanville Community Forum (DCF) please requests that the online petition be supported as well as the public meeting (So far there are 563 signatures, we need more).

DCF Against Crime (Two New Crime Hits) PLEASE SIGN ONLINE PETITION
19 June 2012
As we are all aware Durbanville is experiencing a tidal wave of crime which has affected both close knit suburbs as well as our farming community. We are being targeted by well mobilized gangs terrorizing our communities with impunity. The problem is that it seems like the incidents are escalating and this sustained attack has been ongoing for months without letup.

D'Urbanvale Hit AGAIN - Swallow Street
15 June 2012
At 10h10 yesterday a gang in a new Silver Nissan Luvina bus with tinted windows hit a house in Swallow Street. Apparently they were in and out in a minute.

D'Urbanvale in Crises - Volunteers for Two Sub- Committees Required
12 June 2012
As per my mail yesterday D’Urbanvale is under attack and our safety and security is at stake. When I am told that families want to move I find that extremely disconcerting and it is totally unacceptable that families have to uproot to try and protect themselves. The various incidents are an absolute shocker. D’Urbanvale used to be a safe haven but that has changed. It is time to reinstate that condition.

11 June 2012
It has come to the committees attention that on Friday the 8th June 2012 a house break in took place in Falcon Street... From speaking to the resident affected it came to light that there were 3 other break-ins virtually next door to each other in the last few weeks.

DCF Questions The Replacement Of Our Council Manager - Our Community Support Is Please Required
21 October 2011
The city saw it fit for Elmaleen to be acting council manager for over a year now. As we stand today this is where the situation becomes questionable. Elmaleen will now be replaced because she does not have the qualifications to be a council manager?

D'Urbanvale Residents Forum AGM - 26th October 2011 (Special Guest Speaker - Mr. Jonathan Deal - Leading the Way Against Fracking)
10 October 2011
The D’Urbanvale Residents Forum cordially invites the community to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on the 26th October 2011 at Chesterhouse starting at 19h00.

Durbanville CBD Urban Design Framework Workshop - 1st October 2011 at Durbanville Council chambers - 09h15
20 September 2011
I am sure that we can all agree that Durbanville is truly beautiful with its view vistas inclusive of world renowned wine farms and many other features too numerous to mention here. We are blessed. Durbanville has experienced growth over the years and we need to make sure that the future growth is also sustainable for the benefit of our community.
The Planning office in Kraaifontein and in conjunction with the Durbanville Community Forum (DCF) invite you as residents to have an opportunity to attend a workshop to participate in the “Durbanville CBD Urban Design Guidelines” and for this to be given formal planning status.

Sub Council Wards Decision - Ward 21 Retained - Durbanville Back To Normal
27 July 2011
Fantastic news! The full sub council decided today that ward 21 would remain under Sub council 7.

DCF Comments on Ward Clusters Under Sub Council - CRITICAL THAT RESIDENTS COMMENT
07 July 2011
I have submitted the Durbanville Community Forum (DCF) comment to the City regarding the “proposed” Sub Councils that will affect The Greater Durbanville. I have provided the City’s proposed wards under Sub Council 7 (Durbanville) and Sub Council 3 (De Grendel, Goodwood)

Please note that the proposed wards to fall under Goodwood, wards 21 and 70 are wards into the very heart of Durbanville yet Goodwood will make decisions what happens in Durbanville? This makes absolutely no sense?

22 June 2011
It has been brought to the attention of the D’Urbanvale Residents Forum that there have been several break-ins in Sunbird Crescent this week. There was also an incident in Sparrowhawk.

Uitkamp - DCF Warns Of Urban Edge Free For All - TygerTalk
21 January 2011
A very good article regarding Uitkamp in the TygerTalk dated 20th Jan 2010.

Uitkamp - Proposed Development - Update To Community
20 January 2011
The purpose of this communication is to update everyone on the current position with regard to the Mayoral Committee decision that was reached in December 2010 to give the green light to the Uitkamp development on the historical Clara Annafontein farm.

D'Urbanvale Residents Forum (DRF) Responds to Mayco (Clara Anna Fontein)
7 December 2010
The D’Urbanvale Residents Forum (DRF) has submitted comment relating to Mayco’s approval to Clara Anna Fontein Development.

Mayco Gives Green Light For Clara Anna Fontein Development - Residents Must Please Comment
5 December 2010
As some of you are probably aware the mayoral committee, Mayco last week gave the green light for the development across the road at Clara Anna Fontein. This will change the face of Durbanville forever.

Proposed Information Bill - Meeting at Durbanville Town Hall
9 September 2010
I am sure many of you have heard of the proposed Information Bill that government want to table. If it is passed it could have impacts to our lives in one way or the other.

D'Urbanvale Newsletter AGM Notification
8 September 2010
The newsletter AGM notification letter is attached for your perusal. Please read through and if you have any comments please feel free to express them to the committee. The agenda is included. The meeting details as follows:

Special Rating Area (SRA)
7 September 2010
On the 21st September 2010 the D’Urbanvale Residents Forum will be having the AGM. (Chesterhouse, Falcon Street, D’Urbanvale at 19h00) One of the topics that will be placed before the community is the “Special Rating Area” or SRA. These are areas which can play a fundamental role in suburbs

Outdoor Advertising & Signage
18 June 2010
Illegal signage is a plague that litters our beautiful suburbs. Please contact Mr. Joe Van Wyk to report these and let’s keep our Durbanville clean. Attached is by-law information and the by-law itself.

Eco Friendly Gardening Tips by Michelle Steenkamp of the Biodiversity Management Group at Durbanville Nature Reserve

15 July 2007
The excellent articles 'Best practice for healthy plants' and 'Inheemse Tuinmaak' were prepared for the Uitkamp Action Group Members by Michelle Steenkamp of the Durbanville Nature Reserve

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