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D'Urbanvale Ads advertising rates Minimize

Rates to advertise online in the number one ranked site on Google for D'Urbanvale

Advertising is only available to registered members.

As an introductory offer and because this is a community based project we have attempted to keep the costs as low as possible. Currently there is only one category : General, but this will be expanded and increased as the volume of advertisers grows. So we could for instance add categories such as Property for sale, Property for rent, Pets & livestock etc. as the demand for it increases.

The only thing we request is that if your advertised item is sold or no longer available you drop us an e-mail so we can mark it as 'Sorry I'm sold' or remove the advert. (If you have time left on your advertising period which you signed up for you can then replace it with a different ad.)

Here goes with the rates (You can include photo's logo's etc as well)

3 months      -    R100
6 month       -     R150
9 Months     -    R200
12 Months   -    R250

I think that you will agree that his is dirt cheap compared to print advertising and you are reaching a highly focused target market.

I trust that this will be well supported and all proceeds will go the official D'Urbanvale Forum Committee and not the website, to assist them in keeping up the excellent work and efforts they have being putting in to date.

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